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Let's get cheesy

Welcome to our new site and blog. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We are a small European cheese shop at the Rochester Public Market. Our main shop in the market is located by the Union Street entrance next to Fiorella.


Who doesn't love cheese?!

Cheese brings people together. It helps to add taste to dishes, color to tables, and compliments wine perfectly.

Growing up, cheese was always on the table. Whether it would be fresh mozzarella, a block of provolone, or cube of cheese made by a local neighbor, it was always an item the family would gather around and enjoy. Cheese, to us, is more than just a piece of food. It is an essential part of what brings friends, family, people together.

Each product chosen, was carefully tested by us. Oh no, we are NOT complaining. We want to make sure the items we have in store we understand it's composition, texture, taste, consistency, and what will compliment it. Being a cheese shop is more than just carrying cheese. We want to share a piece of our family tradition with you.

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